Customer Satisfaction

We care about your garden and how it reflects on your home and lifestyle. We want to know that you will enjoy your garden in a relaxing and safe enviroment.

We also care about the service we give our customers - from punctuality and attention to detail, right through to a friendly listening attitude and clearing the waste on completion.

The following are just a few unsolicited comments received from our customers...


"...transformed the gardens inside and out of Arcadia Village, thus creating a very attractive addition to this particular development of villas..."
Mr McBride, Chloraka

"...Peter has been looking after our garden for some while now, and has proved throughout to be professional, reliable and helpful. Whilst clearly having his own views on plant care, he is equally happy to take on board any specific requests we might have.
 The quality of his work has been of a high order, and we are pleased to be able to recommend his services."
Mr & Mrs Wortley, Tala

"...always worked diligently and has helped improve the appearance of the development considerably. This work has included maintenance of grass, shrubs, trees and walkways, as well as annual clearing of the surrounding land.
 We have been pleased with the quality of the work and recommend him for similar jobs at other locations."
Mr Pollard, Melounda Heights Owners Committee