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Peter, the proprietor, has been working in horticulture for over 30 years. Having left school in 1983, he studied at Wythenshaw College of Horticulture for 3 years whilst working for the local authority responsible for local parks & gardens. Then, he became a qualified craftsman gardener, also obtaining qualifications in first aid, environmental awareness , health and safety.

Whether you simply need a garden tidy-up or a comprehensive revamp of your outside space, The Paphos Gardeners will work with you to create the garden of your dreams.

For more details about how we can help with your garden please visit our services page

Your garden as an extension of your home

It's been said many times that your garden is another room of your house. This is doubly true here in Cyprus during the majority of the year.

Whether for entertaining or simply for relaxing, you‘ll probably spend a large proportion of your time in your garden - we can help make it a pleasant place to while away those special moments.

Make the most of your garden

We are routinely asked if we can help with the following...

  • Revamp a garden - in preparation for selling or letting
  • Retake control - with gardens that have been allowed to go rampant we can cut the lawn, remove weeds, cut back hedges and trees including palms
  • Prepare for a party - we can trim, cut, and clear up a garden in preparation for a birthday, wedding or event